Three trials KOC has been following are currently scheduled to start within days: Dalia Dippolito—June 2 Dippolito is facing a retrial for solicitation to commit murder for hiring a hitman in 2009 to kill her husband. The hitman, however, was an undercover police officer with the Boynton Beach, Florida police department. On the day arranged for the hit, the police staged a crime scene and later “broke the news” to Dippolito that her husband was dead. She was videotaped wailing at the horrible news but soon learned about the setup. Not only did the police record her reaction but the show “Cops” was filming, too, as they were following the Boynton Beach police at the time. Dippolito appeared relieved that her husband was still alive. Dippolito was charged with solicitation to commit murder and was convicted after trial in 2011….

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