The death of Jonathan Crews, a healthy 27-year-old man, by a single gunshot wound to his chest is a mystery, or is it? The only witness to Crews’s death on February 2, 2014 was his girlfriend, Brenda Lazaro, a woman he dated for only a few months. In fact, according to friends of Crews, he was breaking up with Lazaro on the very day he died. Yet, Lazaro told police that Crews professed his love for her, said he’d prove it, then promptly shot himself. Police reports indicate their initial response was to a possible suicide. The medical examiner classified his death as “undetermined.” In other words, the medical examiner doesn’t know if it was a suicide or an accident, or even a homicide. Lazaro has not been charged with a crime but she is facing a civil suit for wrongful death. Did the Coppell, Texas police department do enough to thoroughly investigate this case?

This blog is for your discussion related to the death of Jonathan Crews. You may also recall that I interviewed private investigator Sheila Wysocki on July 11, 2016. Part of our discussion is about this case.

There are also nine deposition videos to view, the 911 recording to listen to, and documents to read—including the autopsy report, police incident report, and the petition and answer.

KOC will follow this case as events unfold.