Sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m., four days before Christmas, high school junior, Kenneth Suttner, 17, pointed a .22 caliber gun at his head and fired. By most reports–particularly from high school classmates and former coworkers–Suttner was bullied for months, maybe years, at school, and even at his job at a Dairy Queen in Fayette, Missouri. This week, a Howard County, Missouri coroner’s jury concluded that’s why he killed himself, and they recommend that at least one person be criminally responsible. It’s been reported by the Columbia Tribune in Missouri that Suttner’s 21-year-old manager at Dairy Queen, Harley Branham, was particularly hard on him. For example, she made him scrub the floor while lying on his stomach. Former coworkers have reported that Branham made Suttner do tasks that humiliated him, and that Suttner told them she made him want to…

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