UPDATE at 4:45 pm (3/7): Today the judge postponed the trial. The next date is May 23 as a control date. The trial is now scheduled for September 2016. The man accused of kidnapping and murdering six-year-old Etan Patz on May 25, 1979 faces a retrial later this year. If you believe the prosecution, Pedro Hernandez lifted a burden he carried for decades when he confessed to the murder in 2012, first to Camden, New Jersey police then to a Manhattan assistant district attorney. He has since recanted his confession and is using a psychological defense to argue that the videotaped confessions are not reliable. Etan Patz’s body was never found and there are no forensics linking Hernandez to the crime. But he was an 18-year-old employee working at a corner bodega where Etan stopped to buy a soda during…

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