Quick Guide for getting started

These are a set of handpicked tutorials taken from wordpress, membership & custom tutorials that are essential to getting started as an admin with KOC. It is encouraged to look through the other tutorials as well, but this is a great place to just get a brief overview.

[wpmudev-video video=”admin-bar”]

User Management

Use this method to change your’s or a user’s password. However, have the user try to reset their password first before doing this.

[wpmudev-video video=”change-password”]
[wpmudev-video video=”create-edit-user”]

Comment Moderation & Posts/Pages

[wpmudev-video video=”comments”]
[wpmudev-video video=”pages-v-posts”]
[wpmudev-video video=”add-new-post”]
[wpmudev-video video=”categories”]

Creating a Read Only Document with Diamond Book

Video Tutorial Coming soon.

  1. Upload PDF to Media & Copy link.
  2. Go to Diamond Book – JQuery & Create new book (Make sure to give it the appropriate parent case, or create one if new case.)
  3. After book creation, click on edit under name.
  4. Go to “Create from PDF” and paste in that media link.
  5. Click “Generate Book” & Wait.
  6. Copy Slug title of book.
  7. Once finished, go to Posts > Add New. (Watch “Posts” in wordpress tutorials for more info)
  8. Create new post and place in appropriate category.
  9. Copy and paste the following into “text” visual <a class=”small-button smallblue” href=”load_book_lightbox(‘slug-title-of-book’)”>title</a> and paste the slug into “Slug-title-of-book”. (Watch “The Visual Editor” in wordpress tutorials for more info)
  10. Publish

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