Alleged serial killer Michael Gargiulo’s trial is underway in Los Angeles. Incredibly, Gargiulo, dubbed the Hollywood Ripper, has been sitting in jail awaiting trial for almost 11 years. As I see it, the delay in getting to trial is largely Gargiulo’s fault. He changed lawyers, represented himself at one point, changed defenses, and had other excuses to avoid trial and being sent, possibly, to death row at San Quentin. If all the allegations are true, Gargiulo’s first murder was in 1993 in a Chicago suburb. It took decades before he was formally charged with stabbing 18-year-old Tricia Pacaccio to death on the stoop of her home. Gargiulo was friends with Tricia’s brother and knew the family. His trial for Tricia’s murder will follow the Los Angeles case. Interestingly, the judge is allowing the current jury to hear about Tricia’s murder….

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