Update on 6/9/16 at 11:25 am ET: Judge Williams found the prosecutors committed a Brady violation by not providing information sooner regarding the inmate who was in the van with Gray. Donta Allen initially said that Gray was thrashing around as though trying to hurt himself. He later recanted that statement. As I write this, it’s unclear what the remedy will be as the bench trial moves forward. Update in the Freddie Gray Trial of Officer Caesar Goodson at 10:45 am. The court media liaison just circulated the rulings in today’s hearing. See below. The bench trial begins June 9. 1. Defense Motion to dismiss for violation of speedy trial rights- DENIED 2. Defense motion in limine to preclude any reference to an out of court statement that Officer Porter allegedly made to Detective Teel on April 15,2015- GRANTED 3….

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