Justice for Irene Garza took more than half a century but her relatives finally saw her murderer, now 85 years old, convicted and sentenced to life last week in a Texas courtroom. Irene Garza was a 25-year-old second grade school teacher; a former homecoming beauty queen; and a devout Catholic who loved children. In fact, the day she was murdered, Saturday April 16, 1960, she had gone to confession. It was the day before Easter. A visiting priest, John Feit, then 27, admits he heard her confession in the rectory that day, not the confessional. And it was in the rectory that Feit bound, beat, raped, then suffocated Garza. Her body was found five days later floating in a canal. Though admitting he was one of the last to see Garza, Feit has always denied killing her. Two weeks before…

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