*****UPDATE on March 10, 2017: The judge denied Curtis Reeves’s immunity motion based on his self defense claim. The murder case will now proceed to trial. Read the decision here.***** The Pasco County judge presiding over the second degree murder case of Curtis Reeves, 74, is expected to issue a ruling this week on whether Reeves was justified in shooting to death Chad Oulson, 43, inside a Florida movie theater on January 13, 2014. Reeves’s immunity hearing concluded late last week after nearly two weeks of testimony. Witnesses from both sides, including Reeves, were called to recount what transpired between Reeves and Oulson during the matinee previews on that Monday afternoon. Oulson and his wife sat in front of Reeves and his wife. After the theater displayed its request that cell phones not be used, Oulson continued to view his…

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