Below are my logs from court today. They’re rough so forgive the spelling errors but you’ll get a sense of the day’s testimony from the one and only witness: Bruce Castor. The hearing continues tomorrow. I suspect that the judge won’t dismiss the case but I could be wrong. He plans to decide the matter tomorrow. BC = Bruce Castor (former DA; didn’t charge Cosby in 2005; ran against Steele last fall) BM = Cosby’s attorney, Brian McMonagle PA = Pennsylvania! AC = Andrea Constand (the accuser) KS = Kevin Steele (new DA; just elected last fall) Risa Ferman = DA between Castor and Steele; elected judge as of this year ADA who cross examined Castor is ADA Ryan. Not sure of full name. There was a lot of discussion today (mainly in the afternoon) about the Feb. 17, 2005…

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