UPDATE: Merritt was sick today. Though he was in court, he wasn’t feeling well and asked for more time. Merritt’s former attorney, David Call, was in court but he wasn’t formerly reappointed as Merritt’s attorney. Merritt reportedly said he doesn’t want to represent himself but will “if his back was against the wall.” The next date is Tuesday, February 2. Recently, Charles Merritt refused to waive more of his speedy trial time and demanded an April trial. Merritt’s lead attorney wasn’t in court that day so the judge put the case over until last Friday. Then, in a surprise move, Merritt fired his defense team. After a closed session in chambers, Judge Michael A. Smith granted Merritt’s request to relieve his defense team led by attorney Jimmy Mettias. Today, the case is back in court to determine what’s next. Will…

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