Death of Jonathan Crews

Was it suicide?

Deposition Videos

Brenda Lazaro, the former girlfriend of Jonathan Crews, is being sued for wrongful death by the estate of Jonathan Crews. Crews was found dead in bed from a single gunshot wound to his chest on February 2, 2014. Lazaro, the only witness to his death, says that Crews killed himself. Crews’s family believes Lazaro is responsible for his death. Several depositions have been taken since April 2016 related to the lawsuit. The links below are to the depositions that are in the public file in Dallas, Texas.

Maria Cha

Maria Cha knows Brenda Lazaro from the Kung Fu School they attend. Cha considers Brenda a good friend; they knew each other about 1.5 years at the time of this deposition. Cha is argumentative with the attorney deposing her and denies discussing the lawsuit with Brenda or other friends. She doesn’t think Brenda is capable of killing someone and never knew her to be controlling or jealous.

Matthew Kirk

Kirk  is Brenda Lazaro’s former boyfriend. He testified in depth about Brenda’s extreme jealousy, controlling and self-destructive (or attention-getting) behavior. She went to see Matt shortly after Jonathan was killed.

Isela Lazaro Garcia

Isela is Brenda Lazaro’s sister. Brenda told Isela that Jonathan and she were upset with each other on February 2, 2014 but that they were not arguing or even raising their voices.

Stephanie Mitchell

Mitchell was a neighbor of Jonathan Crews. In this July 15, 2016 deposition, she describes what she heard and saw the night Jonathan Crews died.

Karen Petree

Karen Petree is one of Brenda Lazaro’s best friends. She saw Brenda shortly after Jonathan’s death. Brenda told Karen that she and Jonathan had been arguing and that Brenda went over to bring Jonathan something. Later, after the fight was over they went to sleep,but later woke up and started arguing again. Brenda said Jonathan said “cover your ears, I love you” and then shot himself.

Sharon Rose Sela

Sela is a friend from Kung Fu. She is also an attorney and former employee the Colin County District Attorney’s Office. Sharon advised Brenda on several matters following the shooting.

Henry Su

Henry Su is a Kung Fu instructor. He was also Brenda’s mentor and like a father figure to her. Like others, Su testified that he was unaware that Brenda exhibited jealousy and controlling behavior. Brenda told Su that Jonathan and she were having a bit of an argument and, to demonstrate his love, Jonathan put a gun to his heart.