Angelika Graswald is scheduled to be in court today to hear decisions on motions filed by her attorney. Today’s hearing has been rescheduled twice this month. Graswald is charged with second-degree murder in the drowning death of her fiance, Vincent Viafore, on April 19, 2015. The couple on New York’s Hudson River in Orange County. At the end of a day’s outing to a castle on an island in the Hudson, they headed home. They were in separate kayaks. According to the defense, the weather took a turn. Wind caused large waves which capsized Viafore’s kayak. Not wearing a life vest, Viafore held on as long as he could. Meanwhile, Graswald was able to get to shore safely and called 911 but it was too late to save him. Viafore’s body wouldn’t be found until May 23, 2015. By that…

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