Last month, the final brief in Scott Peterson’s appeal was filed. The next step is for the California Supreme Court to schedule oral arguments. The Court will then decide if Peterson will get a new trial; that decision is likely still a few years away.

In 2004, Peterson was convicted of the murder of his pregnant wife Laci. She disappeared on December 24, 2002; her remains and that of their unborn child Conner washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay in mid-April 2003. Peterson is currently in San Quentin prison on California’s death row.

Yesterday, I chatted with Modesto Bee reporter Garth Stapley about Peterson and the appeal. Garth covered the story from almost the beginning, starting in Modesto, CA then on to Redwood City, CA where the trial was moved because of high publicity. Garth continues to follow the post-trial matters and stays in contact with the jurors. He read hundreds of pages of the appellate briefs, and shared some of his insights with me.

Click below to listen to my Interview with Garth Stapley on August 10, 2015.