New Site Q&A

Why was my account not moved to the new site?
The new system now allows you to choose your own username and method of payment (paypal or on site). In order to allow you to choose your own details, we decided not to migrate all existing accounts to the new system which would have used the old system’s username & password set up (ex: firstnamelastname).
Can I still use Paypal?
Yes, we have two payment methods available with the new site. You can choose to continue to use Paypal or pay directly on our site through
What differences are there with the new site?
With the launch of the new site, we are now offering the following:

  • Members can now choose their own username & passwords
  • Members can now unsubscribe or cancel subscriptions directly
  • New direct credit card payment method
  • New look & feel for better usability
  • Better account management
  • Organized cases
  • More case coverage
  • Shop (coming soon)
Is the content the same as the old site?
The content is the same at the time the new site went live. After the new site went live, however, the two sites will no longer be duplicate and all new content is posted on the new site only. Also, the new site is organized to be more user-friendly.