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22:00:22 JPops Hey!
22:01:11 Richie HEY JESSIE
22:01:12 Beth Karas Hi Everyone!
22:01:51 Jean Hi gang:)
22:02:03 Maureen Hello
22:02:17 Richie Hey Beth
22:02:18 JPops Fran is here as well, yay 🙂 More crazy southern news for us?
22:02:21 Beth Karas I’m all about Oscar Pistorius this afternoon–after a one-hour Skype interview with an author in South Africa. It was interesting as we contrasted justice systems and discussed what was that country’s “Trial of the Century.” I hope to have a link to post later.
22:02:32 FTNorton Howdy room. Came back to hang out. 😀
22:03:01 Jean So glad you did
22:03:03 Beth Karas Hi Fran! What’s up with the James Bradley case? What are you covering these days?
22:03:33 FTNorton I’ve got Beth’s last BK live playing in the background so this is a real interactive situation here
22:03:34 Eversnark Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us again Fran! What differences between US and SA were the most interesting to you Beth?
22:03:43 JPops What’s the author’s take on Pistorius Beth?
22:03:49 Maureen Interesting system in Australia.  I still like the U.S. Court systems more!
22:04:04 FTNorton Bradley hearing set for July 21. We assume judge will make ruling on admissibility of evidence
22:04:23 Beth Karas Eversnark: The main difference was that an appellate court could convict him of murder rather than throw out the conviction and send it back for a retrial.
22:04:58 Beth Karas JPops: The author is Nick. I need to find the rest of his name. He co-writes books with Lisa aka Juror 13.
22:04:59 Eversnark That seems very efficient.
22:05:03 Maureen Terrific.  Looking forward to the outcome of the Bradley hearing.  Do you have any predictions?
22:05:40 FTNorton Nick van der leek?
22:06:07 Beth Karas Fran/Maureen: I predict that the murder of his step-daughter comes in but not the more recent one that he’s not charged with. Yes–that’s his name. Know him?
22:06:25 FTNorton Maureen, I think he may let in prior killing.
22:06:37 FTNorton Beyond that, I am clueless
22:06:42 JPops Ohhhhhh, Lisa Wilson & Nick Van der Leek?
22:06:56 Beth Karas Fran: Really????? A killing that Bradley isn’t charged with? Holy smokes.
22:07:26 Maureen Well Fran, that sounds about right to me.  I am looking forward to the outcome.
22:07:30 Beth Karas Yes, JPops. When I get the link, you’ll post it. Then you all can judge. I think it was a smart enough interview…
22:07:38 FTNorton No, the killing of Ivy Gipson, his stepdaughter, for which he spent 23 years in prison. I think just will allow that
22:08:02 FTNorton *JUDGE
22:08:23 Beth Karas Fran: Ah, I see. That’s what I predict but not the murder he’s not charged with…
22:08:26 FTNorton Maureen, I am too! Eeeeeeeee
22:08:49 FTNorton Yeah, Beth. Just no clue what he’s going to do with that. It would be a real blow to state’s case if they can’t use it.
22:09:28 FTNorton Just one more quick update — Crazy Nashid Porter was found guilty
22:09:43 JPops Fran: Can’t believe in your 5 minutes away, that entire other trial went by! Guy with the unicorn hoodie.  Sounds like that was quite a spectacle.
22:09:44 FTNorton He was the dude who forfeited his right to court appointed counsel.
22:09:56 Beth Karas So what about the Texas dad, Michael Thedford, who forgot his 6-month-old in the minivan? He took a nap for 3 hours then remembered her. Too late. Now he’s charged with manslaughter.
22:10:06 Richie What is the latest in the Justin Ross Harris case Beth?
22:10:17 FTNorton Yep, beyond jury selection he refused to come back into court, so all the state’s witnesses went unchallenged
22:10:21 Maureen I with you Fran.  Keeps me on the edge of my seat with anticipation.  I consider anything the judge let’s in beneficial.  I am hoping for a conviction.  I think he is a serial killer.
22:10:38 FTNorton Maureen ME TOO
22:10:59 FTNorton So Beth, Michael Thedford …
22:11:19 Eversnark Manslaughter for Thedford sounds right to me, unless they find that he was searching for hot car stuff on his computer in the weeks prior…
22:12:06 Beth Karas Richie: Justin Ross Harris has moved venues to Brunswick, Georgia — way south of Atlanta. It looks like it will be a September trial down there. I snooping around on an old murder case. One of the witnesses now lives in Brunswick. I wonder if I should head down there to pop in on the trial and knock on the witness’s door!
22:12:06 JPops I agree with Eversnark.  Is there any word on the Fern’s mom with all of this?
22:12:40 Eversnark Do it, Beth 😀
22:13:03 Richie lol
22:13:27 JPops Imagine a prior witnesses shock, of Beth Karas appearing at their door xD
22:13:38 Beth Karas No word on Fern’s mom (the baby who died) that I’m aware of. She was at work. Some think even manslaughter is too tough on him. I’m not sure he belongs in prison but what he did seems criminal.
22:13:42 FTNorton In the Thedford case, I think the shady way in which is ws reported is where his case went astray. They don’t always charge in these hot car deaths.
22:14:12 FTNorton We just had a hot car death here and I am still awaiting on the DA’s findings.
22:14:27 Maureen Wouldn’t it be involuntary manslaughter for Thedford’s charge since he doesn’t seem to exhibit intent?
22:14:36 Beth Karas I agree, Fran, but it’s discretionary with the DA. Some DAs will charge what others won’t.
22:15:45 Beth Karas Yes, Maureen. It would be a theory of reckless or negligent homicide. Involuntary manslaughter is usually reckless. That’s what Michael Jackson’s doctor was convicted of–invol manslaughter. What Thedford did seems lower than that–criminally negligent homicide.
22:16:01 JPops Beth, does anyone actually know this “amount of time” he had the child in the fridge prior to calling 911?
22:17:36 Maureen I agree Beth.    I think with the current evidence they would be hard pressed to get a conviction even with involuntary manslaughter.  I think it should be given a lesser charge.
22:17:55 Beth Karas JPops: I haven’t read of the time lapse but I’m assuming he was trying to cool her down. People with high fevers, for example, can be dumped in an ice bath. Thedford taught chemistry and physics so I assume he just wanted to cool her down and was calling virtually simultaneously. But I don’t know for sure.
22:19:06 JPops Ok, thanks.  Some articles I’ve read indicate a true passage of time before calling 911.  I feel better knowing it was likely simultaneous.
22:19:13 Beth Karas Right, Maureen. And criminally negligent homicide (assuming that crime is on the books in Texas–I need to research) could carry very little prison time and may carry a probationary sentence.
22:19:29 FTNorton I just tried to find the actual warrant. It may have a  better time estimate in it.
22:19:49 Maureen I read he was asleep for 4 hours, found baby Fran, put her in the fridge with the door opened, and called 911.  No indication how long the child was in the fridge.
22:20:21 Beth Karas JPops: That’s my wishful thinking. I hadn’t read about a time lapse but, if there was, that’s not good. Then, again, I think she was deceased when he took her out of the car so EMTs couldn’t have revived her had he called 10 minutes earlier.
22:20:47 Beth Karas That’s what I read, Maureen.
22:21:48 FTNorton I also read baby was in fridge for “undetermined length”  of time. He called his wife first
22:21:48 Eversnark 🙁 <heart_big> so sad. I imagine he was in a panic. The fridge with the door open is actually pretty natural thinking, in my opinion. Thanks for looking up the warrant Fran.
22:22:05 Beth Karas Fran: Besides Bradley, any other interesting criminal cases coming up?
22:22:12 JPops Yes, it seems she was dead regardless.  I’ve never dealt with anything live that, so I can’t judge the impulse to put a child with no pulse, in the refrigerator.  I hope it was just some auto reflex while dialing 911.
22:22:41 Beth Karas I hope so too, JPops.
22:22:51 FTNorton The 15-year-old son of a Sheriff’s Office chaplain was just certified as an adult so he can be tried in the auto-burglary stabbing death of a local musician
22:23:13 Maureen I read the child was on the kitchen floor when authorities arrived.
22:23:26 FTNorton And we are just waiting on DAs finding in our hot car death.
22:23:54 Beth Karas Fran: Was the deceased musician the owner of the car? It’s always sad when these kids are treated as adults but they’re committed the worst crimes so…
22:24:15 Beth Karas Fran: What’s your hot car death?
22:24:17 Brian Hi everyone!
22:24:33 FTNorton Nope. Poor guy was out at 2:30 walking his dog. Came upon kid in car and it went downhill from there.
22:24:43 FTNorton 2:30 a.m.
22:24:43 Beth Karas **committing (not committed)

Hi Brian!

22:24:47 JPops Brian!!! Woo hoo <wine>
22:24:55 Richie I’m going to eat dinner, talk to you all Next time
22:25:18 FTNorton hot car death here — Dad usually took kids to daycare. But on this day dad took one and mom took baby to doctor.
22:25:36 FTNorton After doctor she went to work. Forgetting baby in car.
22:25:39 Beth Karas Bye, Richie. Fran: The poor guy (deceased musician)… Was he walking his dog at 2:30 am or pm?
22:26:04 FTNorton Arrived at daycare in the afternoon to pick up kids, which was her normal routine, and when she asked for both of them, the daycare workers said they only had one.
22:26:23 Beth Karas It seems that some of these hot car deaths occur when there’s a break in the normal routine–as in your NC case, Fran.
22:26:27 Maureen Interesting Fran.  Another hot car death where the parents have a break in the normal routine.
22:26:55 FTNorton She immediately called 911. You cannot understand her through her wails, except for four words, “baby left in car.”
22:27:01 Beth Karas Lol! Maureen–we were writing the same thing at the same time!
22:27:26 Beth Karas So sad. Perhaps the DA won’t charge her.
22:27:37 JPops Yes, these breaks of normal routine seem to really people off.  I have yet to understand or think that about Harris.
22:27:58 FTNorton yes, Beth. I interviewed a woman who did the nearly identical thing 7 or 9 years ago. She says its not that you “forget” its that you misrememeber. She said she was convinced her kids were safe at daycare, where they always were, and she was at work where she always was.
22:28:21 FTNorton We all go on autopilot
22:29:02 Eversnark The more often I read of these now, the less I feel I can believe Harris left his son in the car on purpose. His story has the same sorts of features, though what was distracting him makes him look really bad.
22:29:10 Beth Karas Harris was eating breakfast with his son just minutes before going to work. At a minimum, his case is one of distraction. It was Harris’s bad luck that his “distraction” also involved committing crimes–sexting with underage girls and sending/receiving nude photos
22:29:12 Maureen Yes Beth.  You have educated me well.  It is funny in a wonderful way!
22:29:27 FTNorton Except for the internet searches, Eversnark
22:30:00 Gray Hughes lots of daycare related hot car deaths.  Usually the father breaking his normal routine.
22:30:05 Brian Yes but Harris was searching for how long for animals to die in hot car etc before he “forgot: his child
22:30:10 Eversnark Yeah, but there were actually hot car deaths in the news. Due to my own crime and justice ridden browser history, I can’t fault him for that.
22:30:44 Beth Karas Delete your history, Eversnark! It sounds incriminating!
22:30:52 Gray Hughes yeah, if someone looked at my browser history I would seem like a mass murderer psycho…lol
22:31:00 Eversnark lol! I’m really on the fence about Harris for now.
22:31:04 FTNorton Yeah, I would be SCREWED
22:31:13 Brian good point eversnark, the browser history… mine would be colorful as well!
22:31:16 Gray Hughes but I don’t have it save my history 🙂
22:31:18 Beth Karas Delete yours, too, Gray!
22:31:31 JPops I am truly holding judgement on Harris until the trial.  I have learned too much about sensationalized media reporting.  I also know, that forgetting a child in a car is not at all uncommon (though still shocking to me).  There are just too many weird factors about Harris for me to get over without further info.
22:31:42 Brian lol @ gray
22:31:55 Maureen The chain of events in the Justin Ross Harris case does not point to simple negligence.
22:32:42 Eversnark The Arias retrial demonstrated to me that everything from your computer can look bad in court, no matter what.
22:32:46 Gray Hughes I think it’s just that people hat the reason that Harris forgot his child.  Yet it’s possible he forgot just like the other parents who are actually great parents.
22:32:56 Gray Hughes hate not hat
22:33:10 JPops I agree Maureen.  I’m trying so hard not to pass judgement yet, but that under 2 min time frame is hard to get past.
22:33:11 Beth Karas The thing about Harris, though, is that he had just belted his son in the carseat and left Chik-fil-A. He took a right turn out of the parking lot, then a quick U-turn to head to work. At the FIRST set of lights, he was to turn left to take Cooper to daycare or go straight to Home Depot where he worked. He went straight. I have a hard time believing he forgot Cooper in minutes. Then, again, he was sexting during that time…
22:33:37 FTNorton Wasn’t there also odd behavior and incriminating sounding statements he made at the police station?
22:33:41 Tammy I agree with Beth
22:34:15 Brian plus harris put something in his car in the meantime did he not, how did he not see cooper
22:34:37 Beth Karas Yes, Fran. At the scene and the station. He acted weird but he was also upset. It’s just hard to know when someone is sincere or faking it. We all react differently.
22:34:41 Gray Hughes Well, Beth, there are many times when you have a lot on your mind and you go through the motions while you are still thinking of something.  Like my grocery analogy earlier.  I forget almost instantly that I have them in the car sometimes because I am thinking of how to solve a problem.  Harris though was thinking of sexting.
22:35:14 FTNorton Let me just say, a non-profit that studies hot car deaths pointed out that rear-facing child safety seats look the same to a viewer outside the car whether a child is in them or not
22:35:20 Jean And when he parked he had to go in reverse.
22:35:39 Gray Hughes like say he was just going through the motions buckling in his child and was really daydreaming about something and then just simply forgot.
22:35:45 Beth Karas Brian: Cooper’s car seat faced the back. Harris threw a bag with some (I think) batteries or light bulbs he had just bought onto the front seat. Supposedly he didn’t really look in the car. I believe there’s video of this.
22:35:58 JPops Gray: So do you believe distraction on a normal routine morning, with a child (not groceries), is a legit defense?
22:36:13 Gray Hughes yeah, I do.
22:36:31 Eversnark Yes, Grey. Video of Harris not looking in the car was mentioned in Breakdown podcast.
22:36:42 JPops Wow, I don’t.  Not in under 2 mins at least.
22:36:53 Eversnark Sorry, *Gray
22:36:53 Gray Hughes why does it have to be a routine that was broken.  You simply just could have been far off thinking.  We have all driven somewhere and don’t remember driving there right?
22:37:21 Brian I’m with JPops
22:37:29 Beth Karas This is why I say that Harris, unfortunately for him, was distracted by other criminal conduct. This is a bad, bad set of facts for him and his trial team.
22:37:36 Gray Hughes That’s ok Eversnark.  My diploma from college said “Gary”
22:37:37 Jean Another point cooper was way bigger than the car seat..his head and legs ..
22:37:59 JPops In fact, I’ll go further.  If someone is easily distracted enough to forget their own flesh & blood is with them in under 2 mins, I don’t think think they’re qualified to be a parent at all.
22:38:12 Gray Hughes True Beth, but does the reason you forget play a factor?
22:38:30 Tammy I agree with JPops
22:38:32 FTNorton I nearly kill a baby every day, except I don’t have babies anymore. I need a key card to get into my building. I get my key card, walk out to my car to get something, and when I try to come back in I realize I grabbed my ATM card. I have done that easily 20 times. I’m so used to getting out my ATM card. I’m on autopilot
22:39:02 Gray Hughes It is rare, but everyone has the potential of having this happen to them.
22:39:07 Eversnark Car and carseat technology is going to solve this problem. I used to take off my left shoe when I got in if I had a baby in the car.
22:39:19 Beth Karas Interesting point, Jean. And Gray, you should correct that diploma! Each of these hot car deaths are judged on their own facts to determine if charges should be filed. The scenario you pose, Gray, could be why some people, are not charged.
22:39:21 Maureen There seems to be a mountain of evidence Harris has to overcome.  Internet research on animals an children dying in hot cars,  Harris returning to the car during lunch to put a light bulb purchase in the car, Harris telling a bystander when he pulled over with his dead son that Cooper was choking, not detecting a smell in the car for several minutes before he pulled over,  and he stepped away from his son on the pavement when someone else took over.  It seems like a lot to overcome for simple negligence.
22:39:27 Gray Hughes Yes, That is the answer Evernark
22:39:33 FTNorton Or I tell myself to stop for milk on the way home. Practically sing it to myself for half the drive. Go home, change clothes, turn on the tv. Hours later I go for a glass of milk and the empty fridge tells me I never stopped.
22:40:22 Gray Hughes I did correct my diploma immediately. I actually did a u-turn.  Thanked them for helping me out with what they thought my name was.  Got it 2 weeks later.  They still send me letters with Gary on it though.
22:41:04 Beth Karas Brilliant, Maureen. I agree that there needs to be an alarm between an occupied car seat and the door or ignition or some part of the car.
22:41:05 FTNorton lol @gray
22:41:33 Beth Karas Fran: Write it on your hand.
22:41:39 Eversnark I have a friend who lost a son this way. 🙁 His wife was drunk when she left both children in the minivan. The older boy survived.
22:41:59 Maureen Beth, we  have done everything else with technology.  Seems to me your idea is doable and beneficial.
22:42:02 FTNorton They need to put sensors in the car seat and in the driver’s seat. When the sensor in the car seat registers an occupant but the driver’s seat doesn’t, an alarm should go off
22:42:28 FTNorton Your car can sense when someone is in the passenger seat (or driver seat) without seatbelt on. The technology exists
22:42:31 Eversnark Like the seatbelt sensors
22:42:37 Gray Hughes I don’t know if Harris fits the mold of the other  people  that forget.  He could though, it’s just that the reason he forgot is so appalling to everyone so we want to charge him with something.  But proving he intended to do it will be incredibly difficult but the prosecutors might be able to get an emotional conviction without evidence.
22:42:54 Beth Karas Right, Fran. That’s the idea. I have to believe that a car or car seat manufacturer is working on that as we speak.
22:42:57 JPops I agree that some type of alarm is needed.  In addition, sexting should not be allowed while driving (as if not texting wasn’t enough).  There was something years ago that google did that would prevent drunk emails.  Forget what it was called, but it was a catchy name.
22:43:33 Maureen Maybe an alarm and a warning when the car gets to a certain temperature.  Also, a warning when someone is occupying a seat.
22:43:57 Gray Hughes some kid a few years back invented some sort of rubberband idea connected to the seat.
22:44:13 Gray Hughes But you could forget that as well.  You have to make fool proof.
22:44:21 JPops Well, I’m not sure pre-med is what the prosecution is focusing on Gray.  GA has the DP, and that is not on the table.
22:44:43 FTNorton [link src=””] is trying to get the laws changed to make it mandatory. They were instrumental in getting rear-backing cameras made mandatory. All new cars will require them by 2018
22:44:46 Eversnark IMO, cars should have a cell phone jammer when the car is being driven. It should jam only the driver’s phone somehow.
22:44:52 Gray Hughes if it’s not pre-med, then why bring up the fact he researched it?
22:45:36 Nini WHAT Do you folks think about the mother breastfeeding her baby and the baby dies. Cocaine was found in the baby’s system
22:45:40 Gray Hughes I say that a car seat should have a sensor for weight.  It also sends email or text alerts every 15 minutes while there is a child in the seat.
22:45:54 JPops I didn’t say it’s not a factor in the commutation of evidence, just that it doesn’t seem (so far), to be what they’re focusing on.
22:46:07 Beth Karas I like that idea, too, Eversnark! But sometimes, in an emergency, it’s good to have a phone and passengers should be able to use them.
22:46:33 JPops accumulation*
22:47:00 Gray Hughes yeah,  just need something that communicates as I mentioned above between the child seat and one or two cell phones.  ONe as a backup.  ***Alert, Alert, child in car****
22:47:04 Maureen What a smart group.  If we keep doing this,  we will have the perfect car sensor for hot car incidents.
22:47:04 Beth Karas I just received the link to my Skype interview on the Pistorius case. Am forwarding it to be posted on the blog page–maybe to replace Crime Time Live.
22:47:05 Brian I’m sorry I still can’t get past the fact that a parent could forget their kid in the car, I just can’t
22:47:09 Eversnark Yeah, that’s a problem. It’s illegal to jam cell phones anyway, lol.
22:47:14 JPops Nini: I only saw a headline about that, I haven’t read.  Do you have a link for us?
22:47:28 Jean Mini I think the mother should be charged, feeding a child while on drugs..
22:47:36 FTNorton About the TV reporter who nursed her baby while high on cocaine, how stupid can you be?
22:47:53 FTNorton heck yes she should be charged.
22:48:08 Gray Hughes right that’s the “holier than thou” sort of thing.  Those same parents probably thought the same thing before they forgot.  It just happens, and that sucks.
22:48:40 Maureen If you jam a cell phone, someone will file a suit with a 1st Amendment argument.
22:48:52 JPops Are you referring to judgement on a mother breastfeeding her baby while on coke Gray?
22:48:54 Jean Brian I agree with you, sorry gang, how do you forget a child in the car…
22:49:04 Beth Karas Nini: I don’t know the story but the mother should definitely be charged!!!
22:49:08 Brian thank you jean
22:49:19 FTNorton Baby didn’t die, I don’t think
22:49:35 Gray Hughes no, not being able to understand how a parent could forget a child in a car.
22:49:45 Gray Hughes I can’t totally see why and understand it.
22:50:17 Beth Karas I retweeted a story today about an Arizona couple — both TV reporters in Tucson — charged because the baby had cocaine in the system…
22:50:45 Gray Hughes for me it’s just a Tragic accident.  Now if a parent intentionally leave a child in a car to go to a bar or whatever, then throw the book at them.
22:50:52 FTNorton Yes, that’s what we are talking about here I think.
22:52:06 Gray Hughes [link src=””]
22:52:19 Gray Hughes a seat
22:52:22 Jean I love the parent that leaves their kids in the car with the motor running, meanwhile someone steals the car….
22:52:34 Eversnark So are the remaining Baltimore cop trials still going to happen?
22:52:41 Gray Hughes yeah, those are idiots Jean.
22:53:08 JPops I find a difference between a stressed out parent over time, & a parent who “forgets” an awake child in under 2 mins.
22:53:54 Nini Iam back… sorry just trying to get the download for you. Iam not that skilled with the computer
22:53:56 FTNorton This is an excellent story on hot car deaths from the Washington Post. [link src=””]
22:53:56 Gray Hughes not me.  you might forget because your mind is far away thinking about something you have to get done for work or something.  When I am in the middle of programming my mind is a million miles away from anything all day.
22:54:09 Gray Hughes those are the days I leave my groceries in the car.
22:54:17 Beth Karas Eversnark: Not sure about the remaining Baltimore cases. Hearings in the next trial are next Tuesday. I fully expect him to waive a jury. I’m doing a podcast with Page Croyder in an hour so it will be posted later tonight.
22:54:27 Eversnark I am ridiculously absent minded.
22:54:33 Gray Hughes Have you noticed a lot of these people are in high tech.
22:54:41 Eversnark Thanks Beth!
22:55:07 Brian Good observation Gray
22:55:59 Gray Hughes interesting topics though.  They make you think about things
22:57:19 Beth Karas I think the increase in hot car deaths is likely attributable, in part, to our devices distracting us. I walk around the streets of Manhattan WITHOUT earbuds in and WITHOUT a phone in my hand. I can’t tell you how many times people almost plow into me because their heads are down and they’re not looking. If I were a legislator, I would sponsor a bill to make it a ticketable offense to cross the street in traffic while looking at a phone.
22:58:05 Gray Hughes Beth, totally agree with that.  start the petition 🙂
22:58:05 Jean That’s a great idea!
22:58:14 FTNorton Oh snap, I used to walk home from school reading books all the time. Cellphones weren’t available yet since we were still riding dinosaurs
22:58:39 Gray Hughes FTNorton, do you remember the walk home when you would do that?
22:58:59 FTNorton Hells to the no. I also walked into may telephone poles.
22:59:07 Brian Thanks for the chat, people. Beth I look forward to tonight’s podcast with Page. Thanks again everyone, see you all later!
22:59:27 Gray Hughes Hey, I say that some time  “hells to the no”  lol.
22:59:30 FTNorton But I’d sort of like to not legislate walking if possible.
22:59:38 Beth Karas Fran: I’ll bet you read books while walking on the sidewalk–not crossing with traffic. True?
22:59:48 Jean Did you ever see people in a restaurant, having dinner…no conversation they’re all busy texting on the phone.
22:59:49 FTNorton We are kindred spirits, Gray
23:00:02 Gray Hughes true dat
23:00:16 FTNorton No, I don’t cross the street reading because that’d be silly. lol
23:00:33 FTNorton tru dat is my screen saver on my phone!
23:00:44 Gray Hughes I love the green light text readers.
23:00:45 Beth Karas Yes, Jean. I wonder what sociologists predict for us as we communicate more and more via devices and not in person.
23:00:52 Eversnark There are many many sort of funny (sort of horrible) videos of people walking and texting and getting themselves into trouble.
23:01:05 Jean Ok gang , have a good night.
23:01:08 JPops Here’s what I’m plain sick of.  People making excuses for jack asses not paying attention! That’s my rant for tonight 🙂
23:01:25 Gray Hughes soon we will have large brains and heads and little bodies.
23:01:52 Beth Karas That’s the law I want to pass, Fran. Crossing the street looking at a phone. In fact, I’ll start recording people doing that to make my case. Meanwhile, gotta run and prep for Page Croyder in an hour. It was fun! We’ll do it again soon.
23:01:54 FTNorton On an Army post it is verboten to walk and look at your cellphone
23:02:06 Maureen Jpops…I guess they have a constitutional right to be a jackass too!
23:02:08 Eversnark Provided we survive well enough to evolve, Gray lol
23:02:23 Gray Hughes have a good one Beth
23:02:23 Eversnark Thanks all! Love these chats!
23:02:27 FTNorton Well, I’ll miss you all.
23:02:38 Beth Karas Good for the Army. Go Army!!!
23:02:46 FTNorton Maybe we should just have a standing chat room on this website. Reemmeber the good old days
23:02:52 JPops Lol Maureen! Indeed.  Just don’t want them impeding on my mental health listening to the crap 😉
23:03:18 Gray Hughes I vote for VR glasses and we never leave our beds
23:03:18 Maureen Lots of fun!!  Bye all!
23:03:19 FTNorton <——– former Dogface here, so heck yeah Go Army
23:03:37 FTNorton We are being kicked out. Goodnight gang
23:04:12 Gray Hughes wait, that’s the matrix
23:04:18 JPops Good night everyone! See you in comments.  Remember to check back soon for Beth’s new podcast.
23:04:21 FTNorton it’s the ol’ “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” 😀
23:04:59 Gray Hughes laters Jpop