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8/12/16 0:56 Eversnark Hi Beth! Hi Jean!
8/12/16 0:57 Just Anita Hi All
8/12/16 0:57 Gray Hughes hey Eversnark, the Crews page looks cool.  Good work.
8/12/16 0:58 Beth Karas Hi Everyone!
8/12/16 0:58 Eversnark Great! Thanks!
8/12/16 0:58 Just Anita Jean our old bodies made it here lol
8/12/16 0:58 Beth Karas I hope Fran can join us to fill us in on Johnny Small whose sentence was vacated today! Unbelievable. He’s been in prison for 27 years.
8/12/16 0:59 Eversnark Jean disappeared lol. I hope she didn’t fall asleep
8/12/16 0:59 Just Anita lol ever
8/12/16 1:00 Sarah k hi everyone
8/12/16 1:00 Beth Karas I just checked the KOC calendar to remind myself what’s happening this month. August is often slow in courts–at least that was always my experience when I was an ADA. But Robert Durst is scheduled to be arraigned in LA on murder charges no later than a week from today.
8/12/16 1:00 Gray Hughes What do you think about sentencing prosecutors who falsely convict someone to as many years as the person got they falsely accused and convicted?
8/12/16 1:01 Sarah k so close yet so far away, should i call in sick and go?
8/12/16 1:01 Beth Karas Durst’s attorney, Dick Deguerin, told me that he’s eager to get to trial in LA. He’s confident that Durst will prevail–says there’s no evidence. I don’t see it quite that way.
8/12/16 1:01 Sarah k i like your idea, Gray
8/12/16 1:01 Eversnark Ooh, Sarah, that would be interesting. No evidence?
8/12/16 1:02 Jean Hi gang!
8/12/16 1:02 Just Anita lol
8/12/16 1:02 Sarah k hi Jean
8/12/16 1:02 Beth Karas Gray–there should be punishment for prosecutors who engage in misconduct but I’m not sure that several decades in prison is the answer. Then, again, if it can be proven that a prosecutor manufactured evidence or withheld evidence, there should be a severe sentence.
8/12/16 1:03 Jean We made it ! Then Mother Nature called me, that’s why I’m late lol
8/12/16 1:03 Beth Karas Glad you made it, Jean. Some of us were worried.
8/12/16 1:03 Just Anita lol Jean
8/12/16 1:03 Maureen Hi everyone.
8/12/16 1:03 Sarah k hi Maureen
8/12/16 1:03 Jean Never fear jeannie’s here .<ok>
8/12/16 1:04 Beth Karas Has anyone seen the federal report about the Baltimore police department? I haven’t read it yet.
8/12/16 1:04 Just Anita Beth, do you have any ideas on the likelihood of getting the guy you mentioned for a podcast about the FLDS?
8/12/16 1:04 Gray Hughes I would almost think all wrongfully convicted people were convicted by prosecutors that needed a conviction and they didn’t care for the truth.  How can someone be innocent and yet a jury given the prosecutors case be found guilty unless they manufactured information or, the convicted was the unluckiest person in the world.  How about half the sentence?
8/12/16 1:04 Just Anita Haven’t seen it yet
8/12/16 1:04 Lauren Hello everyone
8/12/16 1:05 Jean Ok talk about crazy arias sending LaRosa letter , to send to her lover Ben..
8/12/16 1:05 talgrl Hello
8/12/16 1:05 Eversnark Yay Jean is here! I think many times prosecutors do everything they can (and sometimes shouldn’t!) to win. I listened to a podcast called Criminal (In)Justice on that topic earlier this week.
8/12/16 1:05 Just Anita You’re going to make Sarah vomit
8/12/16 1:05 FTNorton I just flew in and boy are my arms tired!
8/12/16 1:05 Lauren Lol! Fran
8/12/16 1:06 Sarah k hi Fran
8/12/16 1:06 Jean Hi fran
8/12/16 1:06 talgrl There are lots of innocent ppl in jail and lots of prosecutors who wont admit an error
8/12/16 1:06 Gray Hughes No Beth I haven’t read it. I heard about it.  sounds like the police found reasons to pull over minorities and check them.  sort of sounds like stop and frisk in New York.  It also sounds like a lot of other stuff was going on as well.
8/12/16 1:06 Beth Karas It’s Fran!!! Did you file your story for today?
8/12/16 1:06 FTNorton The gang’s all here. (I’m full of cliches)
8/12/16 1:06 Maureen Beth, I have a question up in the forum about the report for the Department of Justice in regards to the Baltimore police department.  I have not seen the official report, but there is a video of the conference.
8/12/16 1:06 FTNorton Just filed it. I’ll post link when it goes online
8/12/16 1:07 Eversnark Hi Fran! Yes, please. Looking forward to reading it.
8/12/16 1:07 Beth Karas Great, Fran! Maureen–I’ll find the report and post it under the Baltimore Cops link.
8/12/16 1:07 Maureen Hey Fran, congratulations on superb trial coverage in the Smalls case.  We followed it closely here on KOC!
8/12/16 1:08 Beth Karas Fran–can you describe the courtroom reaction when the judge vacated Small’s sentence?
8/12/16 1:08 FTNorton Nice. Glad to hear it. 😀 Was hard work. Every night I groaned.
8/12/16 1:08 Maureen I have one big question….What’s Johnny going to do now that he’s out?
8/12/16 1:08 talgrl Is he eligubkw for comp
8/12/16 1:09 Gray Hughes hopefully he gets a big pay day. But there is probably a cap.  lame.
8/12/16 1:09 talgrl Eligible
8/12/16 1:09 FTNorton Prior to the ruling, he admonished everyone to not react. So they took that seriously. There was little reaction. Poor Small was hyperventilating at the defense table
8/12/16 1:09 Maureen Thanks Beth.  I will be looking forward to the report.
8/12/16 1:09 Gray Hughes I would say say about 1.5 million plus
8/12/16 1:09 FTNorton When his attorneys heard the charges are still pending, they both dropped their heads
8/12/16 1:09 Beth Karas Was bail set or was he released on his own recognizance (with conditions)?
8/12/16 1:10 FTNorton Gray, he wasn’t found innocent. Just had his convictions vacated. So he can be retried, although I find that prospect ridiculous since the whole case has come apart.
8/12/16 1:10 Gray Hughes of course, so they can avoid paying out.  good stuff.
8/12/16 1:11 Beth Karas There will be serious problems with the proof in a retrial. Maybe the judge wants to DA to make the decision to drop the charges.
8/12/16 1:11 Gray Hughes oh and “good stuff” was sarcastic.
8/12/16 1:11 FTNorton NC calls it unsecured bond (other places own recognizance) which means just freed him on an unsecured $100,000 bond. So he didn’t have to put up any money but if he violates, bail is $100,000
8/12/16 1:11 Jean Is there a amt if time they have to retry case…
8/12/16 1:11 Beth Karas Does he have family to return to in NC?
8/12/16 1:11 FTNorton No statute on a felony so nope.
8/12/16 1:11 Maureen Since Johnny is released on house arrest, does that mean that he will have to have GPS monitors and check in with a probation officer?
8/12/16 1:12 Lauren That’s an amount no one would want to mess with… Yikes!
8/12/16 1:12 FTNorton He will be staying with a cousin here in Wilmington. He is on electronic monitoring and house arrest
8/12/16 1:12 Beth Karas Generally not for murder, Jean. They can take their time but this case will not get better with the passing of more years.
8/12/16 1:12 FTNorton Yes, Maureen, whatever that monitoring entails he will be under.
8/12/16 1:13 Beth Karas He will need a lot of help adjusting to society. He’s been locked up since he was 15 years old. How old is he now?
8/12/16 1:13 Lauren People will forget testimony.. Etc
8/12/16 1:13 FTNorton Here’s the lead in my story. It’s not up yet
8/12/16 1:13 FTNorton WILMINGTON — Johnny Small was having trouble breathing. The 44-year-old broad-shouldered man with his hands and feet shackled began to hyperventilate.
8/12/16 1:14 FTNorton He’s 44 now Beth.
8/12/16 1:14 Jean Beth they can keep that case opened for ???? Years.  Meanwhile he has to wear a monitor, what kind of life will that be.
8/12/16 1:14 FTNorton It’s a crazy case. And if Johnny didn’t do it, there’s still a killer out there.
8/12/16 1:14 Lauren I cannot imagine how that adjustment to society is going to be for him
8/12/16 1:15 Maureen Great headline!   It’s the truth!
8/12/16 1:15 Beth Karas Great lede! I’ll bet he’ll never be retried. Jean–yes, they can keep it open for years. But his attorneys will go to court in a reasonable time and demand that the conditions be lifted. If the State doesn’t make a fast decision, the court will lift the conditions.
8/12/16 1:15 FTNorton Well Jean, since the charges are pending, I imagine it will be like any other case from the start. He’ll have to make a first appearance, then it will go to a grand jury. than he’ll go before a Superior Court judge for First appearance and it will eventually be set for trial.
8/12/16 1:15 Jean That’s good ty Beth.
8/12/16 1:15 Eversnark Even though house arrest is still bad, it’s got to be better than being locked up in prison.
8/12/16 1:16 Jean Yes, but that’s the only life he knows…going to be hard
8/12/16 1:16 talgrl 10 to 1 they decline to retri him
8/12/16 1:16 FTNorton Very hard Jean.
8/12/16 1:16 Beth Karas That’s right, Eversnark. Fran–I didn’t realize his case would have to go back to the grand jury…
8/12/16 1:16 FTNorton I’m with you talgrl
8/12/16 1:17 FTNorton OH … ya know. you’re probably right Beth.
8/12/16 1:17 FTNorton It’s already in superior court. So they’ll just have to set a new trial date. Ignore what I said Jean.
8/12/16 1:17 Beth Karas I agree. 10 to 1 — no retrial.
8/12/16 1:17 FTNorton “Sometimes” I’m real thick
8/12/16 1:18 Sarah k i’m not an expert but i don’t think he will be tried again.
8/12/16 1:18 Beth Karas But maybe the evidence before the grand jury was unreliable so it would require a new presentation. I don’t know but could be possible in this case…
8/12/16 1:18 Eversnark Do you think they’ll reopen the murder investigation?
8/12/16 1:18 FTNorton I feel for Pam Dreher’s family. They believed her killer was in prison. They left quickly so I couldn’t get their reaction. They may believe her killer was set free
8/12/16 1:18 talgrl Eversnark, i dont
8/12/16 1:19 Beth Karas We love you Fran. No self-deprecating comments. Positive thoughts always!
8/12/16 1:19 Maureen I feel sorry for the Dreher family.  They might never get justice for the death of Pamela.
8/12/16 1:19 FTNorton Eversnark: If charges are dismissed against Small, I would imagine the case would remain open.
8/12/16 1:19 FTNorton I am thick sometimes. Just like I’m a brunette. Just the facts ma’am 😀
8/12/16 1:19 Lauren I cannot imagine what that must be like. </3
8/12/16 1:20 Beth Karas Fran–you went to the jail (or prison?) to interview Johnny Small. What was his demeanor like?
8/12/16 1:20 Sarah k just like so many other cases when the guilty is set free after years, how to the victims families cope?
8/12/16 1:20 FTNorton My hope would be that they could see from the hearing the its seems likely the wrong man (boy) was prosecuted
8/12/16 1:20 Eversnark Somebody knows what really happened.
8/12/16 1:21 FTNorton Beth, I went to the prison. He was a southern boy. Yes ma’am. No ma’am. A little tough to crack, but I got a couple smiles out of him.
8/12/16 1:21 Beth Karas Sarah–do you mean when a defendant has served his sentence? It has to be so tough for the victims–especially when murderers are freed.
8/12/16 1:21 FTNorton He was nervous. He was tearful. But not overly tearful. He wasn’t putting on. He was scared of the outcome of the hearing.
8/12/16 1:21 talgrl Yes, us Southerners have manners
8/12/16 1:21 Just Anita Yes ever, and someone may be very nervous right about now, seeing him released.
8/12/16 1:22 FTNorton Raiford is probably boarding up her windows
8/12/16 1:22 Maureen By the way, I thought attorney Chris Mumma  did an excellent job.  I am glad the judicial decision supported that.  I would have like to see her live in action.
8/12/16 1:22 FTNorton Bollinger was completely believable
8/12/16 1:22 Beth Karas Fran–do you know if Johnny was a model inmate or was he disciplined a lot? Was he a troublemaker in prison? After all, he grew up in prison.
8/12/16 1:22 Lauren Who wouldn’t be? That’s your life in then hands of other people.
8/12/16 1:22 FTNorton At some point I’m going to post all the video I shot on my YouTube page
8/12/16 1:23 FTNorton Beth, he has received 30 infractions while in prison.
8/12/16 1:23 Eversnark What’s the link for your YouTube page, Fran?
8/12/16 1:23 Beth Karas That’s great, Fran!
8/12/16 1:23 Sarah k yes, that’s what i meant. thinking about the Hae Min Li fAMILY
8/12/16 1:24 Jean What king of infractions Fran minor or major
8/12/16 1:24 FTNorton The infractions were for possessing pens and ink. (He drew and tattooed) For being in places he shouldn’t. Some for disrespect I think.
8/12/16 1:24 FTNorton Couple of sex offense charge, but it was brought out in court that he was alone for those
8/12/16 1:24 Jean Minor…
8/12/16 1:25 Beth Karas 30 infractions sounds like a lot but he was in for 27 years so it’s about 1 per year. No so bad and, as Jean said, minor.
8/12/16 1:25 Eversnark Okay I have some questions about that last one, but I don’t actually want to ask.
8/12/16 1:25 Jean Tattoo, he had to make money.
8/12/16 1:25 FTNorton I can’t remember. But believe me, I’ve been free and if you counted up all my “offenses” in the last 28 years, I’d have way more than 30
8/12/16 1:25 Eversnark LOL
8/12/16 1:26 FTNorton I think it was self abuse, Eversnark. lol
8/12/16 1:26 Sarah k the most heartbreaking cases are the young teens, so many got such poor treatment upon their first encounter with the police. not so much now because things are recorded and videoed
8/12/16 1:27 Beth Karas Sarah–Speaking of Hae Minh Li, I interviewed the cell phone expert today that you recommended for a podcast. He appears on Nancy Grace and other shows. He did a lengthy analysis of the cell data in the Adnan Syed case that he gave me permission to post on KOC. I’ll post it when I post the podcast next week. He’s so interesting!!
8/12/16 1:27 FTNorton My YouTube page <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:27 Lauren Ben Levitan? (That’s probably butchered spelling)
8/12/16 1:27 Eversnark Thanks Fran! Looking forward to hearing the interview.
8/12/16 1:27 Beth Karas I meant to say “and he gave me permission…”
8/12/16 1:27 FTNorton Wait, that’s not the right one. I forget passwords A LOT
8/12/16 1:27 Beth Karas Yes, Lauren. Fascinating guy.
8/12/16 1:28 FTNorton here is it. Ignore the URl <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:28 Beth Karas Thanks for the link Fran. We’ll put it on KOC once you post the videos.
8/12/16 1:28 Sarah k looking forward to the podcast and the data, Beth. thanks FTNorton for the info
8/12/16 1:28 FTNorton There’s a delicious beachfront whale necropsy on there. Good stuff
8/12/16 1:29 Jean Yes ,get it right Fran, we want to watch it
8/12/16 1:29 talgrl What crime did the whale commit
8/12/16 1:29 FTNorton Oh Beth, I need to listen to that Podcast!
8/12/16 1:29 Beth Karas Fran–where did you get video of a whale necropsy?
8/12/16 1:29 Sarah k i think the whale was the victim
8/12/16 1:29 FTNorton The crime of stinking up a resort town, I guess
8/12/16 1:30 FTNorton I covered a whale necropsy sista! I’m all over the place ova heah
8/12/16 1:30 Beth Karas Fran–Ben Levitan’s interview may shed some light on the cell date being used against Bradley.
8/12/16 1:30 Sarah k oh Fran, can you take us to work with you?
8/12/16 1:30 Beth Karas Geez. My typing is bad tonight. Cell data not cell date.
8/12/16 1:31 FTNorton Ooohhhh Beth.
8/12/16 1:31 Beth Karas What killed the whale?
8/12/16 1:31 FTNorton Yes, Sarah. Yes I can. Follow me on Twitter. (BOOM)
8/12/16 1:31 Sarah k cell date, oh yes more jodi hodi stories
8/12/16 1:32 talgrl Fran, we wanna know about tye whale
8/12/16 1:32 Beth Karas Lol, Sarah!
8/12/16 1:32 FTNorton He had a lung issue or something as I recall. Remember I’m scurred of whales. Well I was completely fine on scene but the videos he looks HUGE and that scares me
8/12/16 1:32 Lauren No more Jodi… Aren’t we all Jodi’ed out by now?
8/12/16 1:33 Sarah k sorry, Lauren. yes we are
8/12/16 1:33 talgrl Lauren, im trying to move us onto the whale
8/12/16 1:33 Jean No not yet, not until we find out she has a bad fungus…lol
8/12/16 1:33 FTNorton It was pretty cool. Had all kinds of people following my tweets and tweeting things like “Look this reporter is live tweeting a whale necropsy!” Haha
8/12/16 1:33 Beth Karas Talgrl missed the introduction to the podcast with you. What did you say (or I say) about you and your fearlessness?
8/12/16 1:34 talgrl The whale, please
8/12/16 1:34 FTNorton “She’s afraid of whales and nothing else”
8/12/16 1:34 FTNorton 😀
8/12/16 1:34 Eversnark 🙂
8/12/16 1:34 Beth Karas Where was the whale, what type of whale, when was this, etc.
8/12/16 1:35 talgrl Thank you beth
8/12/16 1:35 Lauren Who, what where, when, and why?
8/12/16 1:35 FTNorton february. It was a baby humpback, it was on carolina beach, nc
8/12/16 1:35 Beth Karas A baby? And he was huge?
8/12/16 1:35 Eversnark Aw, wow, a baby. <heart_big>
8/12/16 1:35 FTNorton It was found in the surf. Just dead. They brought a backhoe and tried to drag it out. Couple town workers got chains and tried to lasso its dead tail.
8/12/16 1:36 talgrl Yes beth, baby whales are huge
8/12/16 1:36 Lauren Aw. It’s still cute.
8/12/16 1:36 FTNorton That wasn’t immediately successful, they needed a bigger back hoe. (We need a bigger boat!)
8/12/16 1:37 Eversnark Do you remember the town in Oregon that couldn’t get rid of a whale carcass and finally, brilliantly (not!) decided to use explosives?
8/12/16 1:37 FTNorton Bigger backhoe came, lassoed the tail. Dragged carcass a mile or so down the beach. Students from UNCW Marine Biology came and dissected it on the beach> i lived tweeted and posted tons of disgusting pics and video
8/12/16 1:37 FTNorton And it was one of the best days of my life. (Also, I wish they’d blown this one up, tht’s a story!)
8/12/16 1:38 Beth Karas Oh no, Eversnark! I don’t remember that. Fran–and that’s what’s on your YouTube channel?
8/12/16 1:38 talgrl Speaking of things washing up on beaches, does anybody here rememver the series of feet washing up on beaches?
8/12/16 1:38 Sarah k oh Beth, the prosecutor in you is coming out, it was a baby, it was huge. “it was a baby and it was huge? you go girl
8/12/16 1:38 Jean There was another whale dead, Took a day sharks cleaned it to the bone
8/12/16 1:38 Eversnark YIKES no. I’m going to Google that talgrl
8/12/16 1:38 Eversnark lol Sarah k
8/12/16 1:38 Lauren At least, it’s a legit baby… Some other reporters *Not naming names* call children babies
8/12/16 1:39 Lauren 😉
8/12/16 1:39 Sarah k i would for sure watch the necropsy. poor baby
8/12/16 1:39 FTNorton Um … um… I call children babies. :/
8/12/16 1:39 Beth Karas Talgrl–were they human feet? What’s the story behind it?
8/12/16 1:40 Eversnark Wow, one of those feet was recent! February of this year
8/12/16 1:40 FTNorton Beth, my youtube has all sorts of stuff on it. All crime, breaking news, murder, mayhem, chases, etc
8/12/16 1:40 talgrl Yes, left feet. West coast
8/12/16 1:40 Lauren Follow Fran on Twitter… She thought she found a Cheeto shaped like the Statute Of Liberty… Why the Cheeto people didn’t find it legit, is beyond me
8/12/16 1:40 FTNorton And the occasional dead whale
8/12/16 1:40 Eversnark What the heck???? Not many pairs <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:40 Sarah k i remember the feet, can’t remember where they were found
8/12/16 1:40 talgrl Fran there is a cheeto museum
8/12/16 1:41 talgrl Sarah, west coast, washington i think
8/12/16 1:41 Sarah k thanks, talgrl
8/12/16 1:41 Lauren Beth needs to be verified on Twitter
8/12/16 1:42 FTNorton I know Lauren! I agree. They wouldn’t even take the stupid cheeto for the regular contest! People were posting cheetos and saying, “This looks like a snake.” A SNAKE
8/12/16 1:42 talgrl Lauren, we’ve tried
8/12/16 1:42 FTNorton talgrl, they wont take my cheeto. They’re being real jerks
8/12/16 1:42 Lauren Hmm… Why won’t they do it?
8/12/16 1:42 Beth Karas All Cheetos resemble worms or little snakes. How do I get verified on Twitter?
8/12/16 1:42 FTNorton My point exactly Beth!
8/12/16 1:43 FTNorton Whoa, you’re not verified? I’m verified.
8/12/16 1:43 talgrl No beth! A guy has a cheeto museum!
8/12/16 1:43 Lauren No, she’s not
8/12/16 1:43 Sarah k fran, i did see your cheeto, i do follow you. have you preserved it
8/12/16 1:43 Beth Karas Fran–how did you get verified?
8/12/16 1:43 Lauren <a href=””>LINK</a> Here’s a how-to Beth
8/12/16 1:44 Eversnark <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:44 Sarah k yes, how does one get verified?
8/12/16 1:44 Sarah k what happens if one is not verified?
8/12/16 1:44 FTNorton They got me verified at work somehow.
8/12/16 1:44 Beth Karas Thanks, Lauren and Eversnark!
8/12/16 1:45 Eversnark Looks like there are several things on Twitter’s checklist to make sure you have on your profile, Beth. <a href=”″>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:45 Beth Karas Fran–back to Johnny
8/12/16 1:45 FTNorton Oh, looks easy enough, Beth
8/12/16 1:45 talgrl <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:45 Beth Karas Is there a control date/status conference date for Johnny Small?
8/12/16 1:45 FTNorton Talgrl, that is where I kept trying to submit it
8/12/16 1:46 talgrl Fran, hes a purist. Saw a story on him
8/12/16 1:46 talgrl The cheeto guy
8/12/16 1:47 FTNorton If you follow my twitter I just posted a link to today’s Johnny Small story. Here it is too, but this isn’t clickable ya know. <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 1:47 FTNorton Beth< not that I am aware of. I’ll nudge his atty tomorrow and ask
8/12/16 1:47 Beth Karas Thanks, Fran.
8/12/16 1:48 Eversnark It isn’t clickable? I’m reading it. Photos are nice‚Äîdid you shoot those Fran?
8/12/16 1:48 Beth Karas Maybe the case is off calendar but, if he’s released with conditions, I would imagine there will be control dates, waiting for the DA to decide the next move.
8/12/16 1:48 FTNorton Sucks that you can’t even copy links out of this chat. I dislike this chat program.
8/12/16 1:48 Lauren It’s clickable, Fran
8/12/16 1:49 FTNorton No, eversnark. not today. Had a photographer come in
8/12/16 1:49 FTNorton well, why can’t I click stuff than
8/12/16 1:49 FTNorton Oh, control dates. Those are called administrative dates here I think
8/12/16 1:50 FTNorton His name just keeps reappearing on calendar
8/12/16 1:50 Beth Karas Sorry the chat isn’t so user-friendly, Fran…
8/12/16 1:50 Sarah k it works, i clicked onto the story
8/12/16 1:50 FTNorton Um, I just really concentrated with my pointer and the links are clickable .. soooo yeah
8/12/16 1:51 FTNorton Beth Karas, I love your chat program, I meant to say.
8/12/16 1:51 Beth Karas Right, Fran. It’s a way to stay on top of the case so it doesn’t fall into a rabbit hole and be forgotten.
8/12/16 1:52 Beth Karas Lol, Fran. There’s room for improvement in the chat…
8/12/16 1:52 FTNorton yes, that’s administrative settings here
8/12/16 1:52 Eversnark I was just typing the same thing Beth. 🙂
8/12/16 1:52 FTNorton You know where there isn’t room for improvement? In Beth Karas! Can I get a hell yeah!
8/12/16 1:53 talgrl Hell yeah
8/12/16 1:53 Eversnark Hell yeah!
8/12/16 1:53 Sarah k hell yeah
8/12/16 1:53 Beth Karas What’s happening with Bradley? Is there a trial date or is he appealing the decision to allow all the prior bad acts evidence in?
8/12/16 1:53 Lauren Hell Yeah!
8/12/16 1:53 Jean Hell yeau
8/12/16 1:53 FTNorton Regular love fest in this gin joint!
8/12/16 1:53 Beth Karas LOL!!! You’re all very sweet!
8/12/16 1:53 FTNorton OH dang it. Bradley… um … Bradley … tap tap tap
8/12/16 1:54 FTNorton I don’t know at this very moment because I’m chatting and eating choc chip ice cream and my brain is mush
8/12/16 1:54 Jean Your making me hungryI
8/12/16 1:54 Beth Karas Fran’s the life of the party. If this group is ever in one place, I vote we head to Wilmington!
8/12/16 1:54 Sarah k anyone watching hemy’s retrial?
8/12/16 1:55 Jean Yes
8/12/16 1:55 FTNorton Bring it! I dare ya.
8/12/16 1:55 Maureen Yes
8/12/16 1:55 Sarah k absolutely, to Wilmington
8/12/16 1:55 talgrl Im close
8/12/16 1:55 Beth Karas Sarah–I’m not following Hemy Neuman as closely as I should.
8/12/16 1:56 FTNorton Ok, I think Bradley has a trial date set, but we are actually waiting on lab results from the duct tape found behind his washing machine to compare to duct tape Elisha Tucker’s body was bound with.
8/12/16 1:56 Sarah k i have not had any time, although i do have an interest.
8/12/16 1:56 Jean I’m curious to know what the wife is doing now, or should I say he my girlfriend
8/12/16 1:57 Eversnark Thanks for the reminder to look that up. I followed the Andrea Schneiderman trial fairly closely but I haven’t checked out Hemy Neuman’s trial
8/12/16 1:57 FTNorton I just asked my son to bring me a diet coke. He just walked in and handed me a string cheese. He’s 22 -_-
8/12/16 1:57 Beth Karas Fran–ooh–duct tape. If his DNA is on the tape, good night Bradley. Off to prison for life.
8/12/16 1:58 FTNorton If DNA found in his apartment matches DNA on her body, 😀
8/12/16 1:58 Beth Karas That’s hilarious, Fran!
8/12/16 1:58 Sarah k probably spending what’s left of the life insurance. her inlaws won a wrongfull death case against her
8/12/16 1:58 FTNorton He’s beautiful, but oh my gosh, he floats through life
8/12/16 1:58 Lauren LOL!
8/12/16 1:58 Eversnark No kidding! I did not know that Sarah.
8/12/16 1:58 Sarah k duct tape always makes cases so much more interesting
8/12/16 1:59 FTNorton One thing I’d like to point out with the Johnny Small case.
8/12/16 1:59 Jean I didn’t hear about that, Sarah, you got to post the article…please
8/12/16 1:59 FTNorton Without a finding of innocence for him, he cannot be compensated by the state for his time in prison.
8/12/16 1:59 Beth Karas I didn’t know that, either, about the wrongful death suit.
8/12/16 2:00 FTNorton Is this the case you’re all talking about <a href=””>LINK</a>
8/12/16 2:00 Sarah k well, ok. i will take my assignment seriously. an attorney that Beth probably knows handled the case. esther panich, i think.
8/12/16 2:00 Maureen That just doesn’t seem right for Johnny.
8/12/16 2:00 Jean So 30 years , he has to be proven innocent, how does he do that
8/12/16 2:01 Lauren <a href=””>LINK</a> Here’s a Sneiderman link
8/12/16 2:01 Beth Karas It’s time to wrap… I hope everyone stays cool. It’s like soup outside in NYC. So humid and dreadfully hot!
8/12/16 2:01 FTNorton Nope, Sure doesn’t. That’s if he’s innocent. Someone needs to say he’s innocent. Judge did not. Would not. Said he did not find him innocent. That he wasn’t tasked with that.
8/12/16 2:01 Sarah k thank you Fran
8/12/16 2:01 Eversnark Fastest hour of the week, I swear LOL
8/12/16 2:01 Lauren Stay cool, everyone
8/12/16 2:01 talgrl Night everybody
8/12/16 2:01 Maureen Thanks Fran.  Good night everyone.
8/12/16 2:01 Eversnark So fun to hang out with you all! Good night!
8/12/16 2:01 Beth Karas I do know Esther Panisch (sp?). I met her in Atlanta…
8/12/16 2:01 Lauren Thank you Fran and Beth… And all of the KOC members for another engaging chat
8/12/16 2:01 Sarah k thank you, Lauren
8/12/16 2:01 FTNorton Ok Kiddos. Goodnight.. I’m beat.
8/12/16 2:02 Beth Karas Yes–good night all! It was fun! Look for the podcast early next week…
8/12/16 2:02 Sarah k nighty night everyone
8/12/16 2:02 FTNorton Man just won a free cruise to the banahams from a random cell phone call. Gotta take this!
8/12/16 2:02 Jean Good night, I stayed up,   Yippppeeee but we lost Anita, she can’t hang.  Lol
8/12/16 2:02 Lauren Night all
8/12/16 2:02 FTNorton ahahahahaha. NiGHT