What our members are saying

“From CourtTV to HLN to KarasOnCrime, we trust Beth to give us the facts, in a warm, personal, endearing way, we feel she is our close friend. We so appreciate everything Beth does for us! Thank you Beth. We love you!”

Brian M.

“I have always appreciated Beth and still do, dedicated, smart a true professional caring inside and out. So glad she took the huge leap with Karas on Crime the dedication and endless hours devoted to this site and members is not unnoticed. I love that you Beth teach us about the Law and applications in which ever state you’re covering.”


“Beth is the best in the business and I love that she maintains the integrity of a journalist in a time where true journalism is nonexistent. Thank you so much Beth for the in depth and informative trial coverage.”


“I love this site. Having to work all day, I cannot keep up with every tweet and statement so coming here in the evening to review the days court activities is great. It’s objective and nicely wrapped up. Thank you…”

Diane S.

“Thanks for creating a site where we can get unbiased, straightforward reporting. The members are very articulate and ask good, intelligent and important questions. Having you (Beth) sum up the defense’s case in your courtroom updates sure beats having to listen to Nurmi plod along.”

Sue H.

“Hi Beth! Thank you for providing indepth coverage of the courtroom today, both verbal and written! Your journalism and professionalism is regarded highly here.”

Maggie E.

“I just watched your video wrap-up. Thank you Beth. I am so glad to find this site and join. You are the BEST! I’ve always been impressed with your clear sighted and unbiased manner of reporting”

Pat W.

“I really appreciate this “forum” and Beth’s reporting. I especially like the descriptions of the people in the room as we sure can’t see them. Beth described the psychologist and when I followed a link to her site, she was exactly what I had in my mind’s eye based on Beth’s description. Who need’s TV when we have this!!!!”

Suzanne G.

“I love this site Beth , well done , you will be a big success!!!”

Leann W.

“Beth always tries to make sure she has her facts straight, no matter what case she is covering.  I started watching Beth close to 11 years ago, when she covered the Scott Peterson trial, in fact that was the first trial I ever watched on Court TV.  Now she got this great website that I could not be more thrilled be a part of.”

Richie O.

“Can I just say that having Beth answer your question on BK Live is just the coolest thing ever? After admiring her work for so many years and appreciating her to be the “go to” person for the facts and details and the law of a case, it’s just the coolest.”

Susan in AZ

“Thank you Beth. I just registered and I’m reading from day 1. I’ve been trying to read various daily tweets since the retrial of penalty phase began and yours is by far the most informative…”

Theresa M.

“Thank-you so much for always providing us with the gold standard of coverage. You are just excellent in your video updates. You are the definition of a reporter, which sadly seems to disappearing. You stick out like a sore thumb, BUT in the best way possible! Kudos to you, Beth!”

Nancy B.

“As a print journalist who retired in the year 2000 after a 37-year-career, I am a huge fan of Beth Karas. To put it simply: she is a journalist’s journalist. I’ve been a fan of hers throughout the Arias trial and will continue to admire her for her professionalism, her integrity, and her ability to turn legalese into a language the average person can understand. Thank you for this website, Beth, through which all your followers can gain incredible insight into how the American judicial system works. Keep on keeping on!”

Marilyn A.