Anti-semite, racist, former Green Beret F. Glenn Miller, 74, has been on trial in Kansas City, Kansas for the past two weeks, charged with capital murder and 3 counts of attempted murder for shooting people outside a Jewish community center and Village Shalom care center on April 13, 2014 in Overland Park. Jurors convicted him of all charges on August 31. Yesterday they quickly agreed on a death sentence.

Miller represented himself and apparently was quite the spectacle in the courtroom telling jurors he was “trying to kill as many Jews as possible” when he fired at close range into the heads of William Corporon, 69, Corporon’s 14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood, and Terri LaManno, 53. All victims, by the way, were Christian. Three others he fired at survived and testifed against him.

Yesterday, jurors heard closing arguments in the penalty phase. Miller baited the jurors calling them “whores of the Jews” and telling them he didn’t want mercy. He ended with a Nazi salute. When jurors returned a death verdict after deliberating under two hours, Miller thanked them.

The judge set the sentencing hearings for October 30 on the non-capital charges (which also include weapons charges) and November 10 for the murders.

Miller resided in Aurora, Missouri and has been tracked by the Southern Povery Law Center for decades. He founded a local chapter of the KKK which became the White Patriot Party. The WPP reportedly dissolved in 1987.

There’s plenty to read about Miller online. The Kansas City Star’s article today about the death verdict is here.  The Southern Poverty Law Center’s page about Miller is here.

Kansas is one of 31 states with the death penalty having reenacted it in 1994. Currently there are 10 people on its death row; there have been no executions since 1994. Miller will be the 11th condemned inmate.