There’s a lot to talk about this weekend.

Dylann Roof in South Carolina was arraigned on Friday on murder charges. Did anyone hear the comments the judge made at the outset–basically saying that Roof’s family were victims too?

The two prison escapees in upstate New York are still on the lam though I woke up Saturday morning to a report of a possible sighting of them. They broke out of Clinton Correctional in Dannemora, NY on June 6–with the assistance of a prison employee who is now charged with facilitating their escape. Recent reports are that the original plan included killing her husband.

The State has rested its case in chief in the Colorado Theater Shooting Trial. The defense case begins next Thursday, June 25. Who do you think were the most compelling witnesses. Here’s a list of witnesses in the first 35 days of trial:
Holmes Trial Outline (thru Day 35)- WM

Finally, we’re doing our first gift giveaway! In a paragraph or more, tell us something you learned on or from Beth. Send your entry to moderator Jessie: We’ll announce a winner on Wednesday, June 24. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar–we’re not judging that. We just want your thoughts!