One of two men suspected of killing Florida doctor Teresa Sievers was in a Missouri courtroom yesterday. Curtis Wright, Jr., a childhood friend of Sievers’s husband Mark, is being held on no bond. At this point, he is challenging extradition to Lee County, Florida. Wright’s next court date is September 30 in Missouri. Meanwhile, Wright’s attorney has until September 25 to file a petition articulating the grounds for fighting extradition.

Dr. Teresa Sievers was found dead in her home on June 29, 2015 in Bonita Springs, outside Fort Myers. She had been vacationing in Connecticut with her husband and two children but left them there in order to return to work. It was while her family was still in New England that she was murdered in the family home.

Wright is also a person of interest in the disappearance of a man in 1996. Read the local ABC report here.

A second suspect is also in custody in Missouri. Jimmy Rodgers and Wright were both seen in Lee County close in time to the murder of Sievers. Rodgers is being held on a federal parole violation for leaving the state of Missouri.

Once both men are extradited to Florida, they are expected to be charged with at least second degree murder (as arrest charges) although the State Attorney could elevate them to first degree murder, depending on the evidence.

On Tuesday, Lee County deputies responded to the Sieverses’ Bonita Springs home after an alarm was tripped. According to reports, they found two dogs in the garage who may have been neglected. One was described as having “marginal” health. Deputies called animal control who brought food for the dogs and posted notices to the family that the pets could be impounded. Veterinarians also reportedly visited the home yesterday.

Click this to listen to Websleuth’s interview: Interview with Lee County Sheriff 

There may be more arrests in the murder case. Stay tuned.