UPDATE: Click here to read the order denying Arias motion to disqualify the Court of Appeals.

Three murders earlier this week in the same general area rocked a Dallas community. Police were responding to two crime scenes on Monday—one at about 8:30 a.m. and the other at 4:30 p.m.—near White Lake. It appears that authorities believe they know who’s responsible for the murders of a mother and daughter found in the afternoon. The third murder appears to be unrelated and likely occurred on Sunday.

Zoe Hastings, 18, left for church Sunday afternoon and never arrived. Her minivan was found Monday morning with her body in it. There were obvious signs of a struggle.

Zoe Hastings minivan

On Monday afternoon, a mother and daughter were found dead. The grandson of the man they lived with is reportedly being sought. Their identities are not public, as I write this.

This Dallas Morning News article briefly describes the murders.

The murder of Dallas dentist Kendra Hatcher, 35, on September 2, 2015, has been in the national news. The most recent development involves the disappearance of a woman who was questioned early on, released, and has now disappeared. Police now believe this woman, Brenda Delgado, was involved in Hatcher’s murder and are looking for her. Delgado (photo below) used to date Hatcher’s boyfriend.


See the latest update from the Dallas Morning News Crime Blog.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been filed against Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk by a fired prosecutor alleging that Hawk is incompetent and should be removed from office. This, of course, is the same office that will be prosecuting the cases of these three recent murders when, and if, arrests are made, as well as the murder of Kendra Hatcher. This article describes the lawsuit.