Two incidents have Jodi Arias back in the news: Juan Martinez’s much-anticipated book is finally out and Arias was recently disciplined at Perryville, the prison where she is spending the rest of her life.

Martinez is on a book tour—in New York, as I write this—making TV and radio appearances and, I assume, autographing books. I haven’t read it yet but, for those of you who are immersed in the book, I’m curious to know whether you find anything new in it. If so, can you comment below about the new nuggets that Martinez discloses? SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read the book, beware that the comments below may include new information.

Also, I am still confirming the details of Arias’s Feb. 3 incident that resulted in a misdemeanor finding on Feb. 9. I have been told that Arias wanted a haircut in anticipation of a prison visitor. When a sergeant denied Arias’s request for a particular person to cut her hair, she called the female sergeant a “cock blocker.” Arias challenged that it was a vulgar term and suggested they check the urban dictionary for the common understanding of running interference.

The documents which explain this, as redacted by the Department of Corrections, are here. Arias had recently been granted contact visits but that privilege is now suspended. She has to wait another 180 days before in-person visits. She can still have visitors but she communicates through glass using a phone. Among the information I’m still confirming is her security level.

I’ll update this blog as I get more information.