Montgomery County Courthouse Judge Steven T. O’Neill 9:17 Cosby is in the courtroom in a dark brown suit, white shirt and tie. 9:22 Lawyers are milling around. Cosby walks out on the arm of a beefy guy. He has a cane hooked around his other arm. Cosby returns a few minutes later. 9:26 All the attorneys are in court. No judge yet. 9:29 Attorneys now in chambers. 9:34 Judge is on the bench. Judge describes the chambers conference regarding the procedure of the day. There’s no firm plan; we’ll take it a step at a time. It’s still the defendant’s case. #2 — John P. Schmitt by defense attorney Chris Tayback Goes by the name Jack. I’m a lawyer at Patterson, Belknap in NYC since 1983. Of counsel since Jan. 1 this year. Speciality? Corporate lawyer. Has represented Bill Cosby…

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