A new book about Robert Durst will be available in a few weeks but it’s already fraught with controversy. Former Westchester County, NY District Attorney and Fox News host Jeanine Pirro authored the new book, He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice, which will be released on November 3, 2015. (Full disclosure—I know Jeanine Pirro and had a number of dinners with her when we both covered Drew Peterson’s murder trial in Joliet, Illinois.)

The disappearance of Robert Durst’s wife, Kathy, in 1982 continues to be an open case. Robert Durst has always been under the umbrella of suspicion though he has never been charged with her murder. The couple lived in residences in Westchester County home and New York City. During Pirro’s 12 years as District Attorney (1994-2005), the investigation into Kathy Durst’s disappearance continued. Her new book is apparently based on that experience and subsequent developments such as details learned in HBO’s six-part series The Jinx.

According to a New York Times article, writer Lisa DePaulo was hired to write the book for (or with) Pirro earlier this year. DePaulo moved into Pirro’s home but the relationship quickly deteriorated, according to the article.

DePaulo has now filed a lawsuit against Pirro for breach of contract. She claims that Pirro had “little regard for truth or accuracy” and is seeking $28,000. (I don’t have the complaint yet but will post it here when I do.)

Durst’s brother Douglas has also threatened to sue Pirro if her book defames the family. Douglas and Robert are estranged.

Many believe Durst killed Kathy in 1982 and that he went on to kill two more times. Earlier this year, Robert Durst was charged with murdering his close friend, Susan Berman, in December 2000 in Beverly Hills, CA. The next year he killed his neighbor Morris Black in Galveston, Texas. Though charged with murder, he was acquitted after asserting self-defense. Currently, Durst is in custody in Louisiana facing federal gun and drug possession charges. He has a January 11, 2016 trial date. He is not expected to be sent to Los Angeles until the federal case is finished (and, if convicted, perhaps not until his sentence is served). Texas attorney Dick DeGuerin who represented Durst in the Galveston, Texas case is representing him in the Louisiana and California cases.

Durst’s brother Douglas is expected to testify for the prosecution in Los Angeles if and when that case goes forward.