Today is the final day of week 10 of the trial; court is dark tomorrow. The defense continues presenting evidence; after today, the trial will resume on Monday.

The Trial Outline:
Holmes Trial Outline (thru day 40)- WM

When court ended yesterday, the defense had presented about half of a four-hour video of Holmes at the Aurora Police Department shortly after his arrest. That video will continue today.

The day started with a two-hour delay for jurors as the attorneys argued about what the State can do on cross examination of an upcoming psychiatrist, Dr. B. Thomas Gray. During those two hours, the court conducted a hearing in which Dr. Gray testified about a psychological test he administered with 550 true/false questions. The State wants to ask Dr. Gray about specific questions and answers but the defense says that puts the testing out of context. Dr. Gray was called to the stand since Judge Samour needed more information before ruling on the propriety of the proposed cross examination. Ultimately, Judge Samour agreed with the defense and will not let the State cross examine Dr. Gray about individual questions and answers. After this two-hour hearing, jurors came into court to hear testimony—but not from Dr. Gray.

Aurora PD Detective Gordon Madonna completed his testimony begun the day before. The rest of the day was spent on Rose Marie Manguso, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist at Pueblo Hospital, and the video of Holmes on the day of his arrest.

Court is scheduled to resume at 8:40 am MST/10:40 am EST.