THE VICTIMS who died on July 20, 2012

The Trial Outline:
Holmes Trial Outline (thru Day 29)- WM

Exhibit Released today:
Holmes Exhibit released on 6-11-15 WM

Week 7 in the Colorado Theater Shooting Trial ends today as court is dark tomorrow.

Yesterday jurors heard from the second forensic pathologist who performed 6 of the 12 autopsies. Another survivor also testified as did the defendant’s ex-girlfriend, Gargi Datta. She met Holmes during orientation in the fall of 2011. They dated until mid-February–she had told him she didn’t see a future with him. As have many others, Datta described def as shy and quiet. They would spend nights at his apartment as well as hers.

As I see it, the State has put on a very thorough case in the past 7 weeks. There are still some survivors to testify including Ashley Moser–the mother of 6-year-old Veronica who died that day. Ashley is now paralyzed and, I believe, confined to a wheelchair. The State still has Drs. Resnick and Welner on their list but it’s not clear whether they will be witnesses in the current case-in-chief or rebuttal witnesses after the defense case. I suspect the latter.

The State should be close to wrapping up its evidence by the end of next week. DA Brauchler told the judge that they should finish no later than Tuesday, June 23. Tomorrow is the only dark day of the trial in the month of June. July 3, 17, and 31 are also dark.

Day 30 is scheduled to begin at 8:40 am MST/10:40 am EST with more witnesses by the State. There may be a video of the crime scene played in court today.

# 178. Gargi Datta, def’s ex-girlfriend, was back on the stand to complete her testimony. She broke up with the def in Feb 2012 but in March they stayed friends with benefits. In early April, def told her he didn’t want to be just friends so they ended their relationship/friendship. While still dating, she encouraged the def to seek therapy which he did. He began to see Dr. Fenton. Medication seemed to make him a bit more outgoing. He spoke to Datta about his human capital theory. She never knew him to be interested in guns, he was never violent toward her. She had no idea that he was amassing weapons and formulating a plan. G-chats between them were introduced into evidence and shown to the jury.

#179. Kelly Lewis, survivor. She was treated for exposure to gas.

#180. Yousef Gharbi, survivor, was 16 at the time. He was shot in the head, arm and throat. He woke up 8 days later in the hospital–he had been in a coma. Garbi said he has frontal lobe damage and now has learning disabilities.

#181. Jasmine Kennedy, survivor, was part of Alex Sullivan’s group that night. She was shot in the leg and has had 4 surgeries.

#182. Farrah Soudani, survivor. She too was part of the group with Alex Sullivan. She described how she was shot and had to hold her organs in. Part of her leg was barely attached–she lost much of her left calf. Three ribs were shattered, one kidney was removed and (I think) her spleen. She also had burns on her limbs.

#183. Christopher Rapoza was at the theater. Injured by shrapnel in the leg.

#184. Alejandra Cardona Lamas was in the theater. Injured by shrapnel in the leg.

#185. Oliver Dawson Adams, attorney in Knoxville, TN. Records custodian for bulk ammo–retail online sales of ammunition. Online purchase by def on June 28, 2012. It was six boxes of ammo for $1,961 shipped via FedEx. (NOTE: This connects the testimony from the FedEx worker earlier this week.)

#186. Amanda Kelsey, CSI for Aurora PD. Photographed and made video recording of the theater after the bodies were removed. A 45-minute DVD is shown to the jury. It is not shown to the courtroom–only the jury.

#187. Kirstin Han, survivor, shrapnel in lower back and buttocks

#188. Eugene Han, survivor, shot in the hip and knee

#189. Julia Vojtsek, survivor, friend of John Larimer who died in the theater.

#190. Bear Rivers Omundson, survivor, also with John Larimer. He is active duty with the Navy. Omundson is very emotional as he describes the attack and trying to save Larimer.

End of Week 7. Jury returns on Monday, June 15.